CrossFit RVC – How We Stack Up

Written by Alaina Savage, Certified CrossFit Coach.

A few years back my family and I vacationed in Palm Springs, California. At that time I was young, had no idea what CrossFit was, and didn’t really care to be honest. Now, what I remember most about that vacation wasn’t the beautiful valleys or the hot sun, but it was the Starbucks coffee shop on every.single.corner. If I were to walk a total of 100 meters in any given direction in the city, I would have walked past three Starbucks easily. It was Starbucks country. If Palm Springs were to have a capital, it would be called Starbucks.

Now, Starbucks has roughly 27,339 shops in the world. It is the third largest chain in the world. Number 1 belongs to subway, with over 42,000 restaurants worldwide. Where does CrossFit sit among these massive fast food chains? Seventh.

CrossFit is the seventh largest chain in the entire world, with 15,500 affiliates world-wide. It is the largest fitness chain, with Planet Fitness (the closest competitor) closing in on 1,742 chains.

In 2005, CrossFit had just 15 affiliates. It took over 5 years to grow that number to 400 affiliates. In 2012, things took off, and CrossFit exploded by 75%. There are roughly 4 million people who consider themselves CrossFitters. Picture all of Los Angeles. Now fill the entire city with CrossFitters. That’s how many of you there are.

Like in Palm Springs where I could get as much coffee as my heart desired, there’s a good chance that wherever you vacation you can also get in a CrossFit workout.

I thought it would be interesting to compare CrossFit RVC to other affiliates in the world to see how our 217 active members compare.

The average age of a CrossFit athlete is between 24 and 34 years old, making up roughly 42% of total CrossFitters. These numbers were comparable to ours at RVC; the majority of our members are between the ages of 20 and 39, making up 65%. The second largest group is the 40-49 age group, with roughly 20%. Rounding that out we’ve got 10% in the 50+ age group, and 5% under 20 years old.

World wide there is a pretty even split between men and women. At RVC we’re pretty similar, with 55% female and 45% male. Here are some numbers specific to CrossFit RVC: 1) We’ve got 217 active members. We get an average of 60 class sign-ins/day (who sign in…) Which means, the rest of you 157, get your butt’s to class! 2) 12 o’clock is, on average, our busiest class time, with Saturday 9am taking a close second. 3) Monday is our busiest day, which means all you die-hard’s are getting here to start your week off right. 4) Thursday is the quietest day (cardio anyone?) 5) Since we started Wodify in 2015 we have entered in 837 athletes. 6) You all rock. Thanks for being a part of our box.

That’s our box in a nutshell. Stay tuned, next week we begin to meet the coaches. First up? Whoever lets me video them first…